1. Randy Bass and the Colonel’s Curse, from Tofugu

    from a Tofugu article on Sadaharu Oh:

    …Randy Bass is probably one of the most accomplished American players to play in the NPL. Many people credit him for turning the Hanshin Tigers around and winning the 1985 Japan Series. Bass holds the highest Japanese batting average of .389, winner of four consecutive batting titles, and consecutive Triple Crowns.

    His accomplishments to the Hanshin Tigers and Japanese baseball is so great that many speak of him in the same breath as God and Buddha.

    There is another thing he is famous for: the Colonel Sanders Curse. Koichi has written up a good overview of the curse, so check it out. Basically, after the 1985 series win, fans gathered around the gross Dotonbori canal to celebrate.

    Some of the fans celebrated by naming off the team roster and anyone that remotely looked like the named player had to jump into the dirty canal. Unfortunately, when Bass’ name came up, there was no one present that looked like him. Darn the homogeneity population!

    So what a better compromise than to toss the statue of Colonel Sanders from the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Both Bass and Sanders are white and got the beard thing going, so I suppose it made sense. This action obviously bit the Hanshin fans in the arse. What resulted was being the worst team in the league for the next 18 years. Karma can do weird things. Kids, remember to leave the Colonel alone!…

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